No more cropping.

Easily share reddit posts and comments as images.

Do your friends use reddit?

Mine don't. shareddit is designed to help you share reddit posts and comments, when the people you want to share with don't know how (or don't want) to use reddit.

Images are easy to share

But sometimes, it's hard to get everything into a screenshot. shareddit does the tedious work for you, by turning the reddit post (and possibly its comments) into a perfectly rendered and artifact-free PNG image.

How do I use it?

For convenience, there are currently three ways to use shareddit. To capture a post and none of its comments, use the post's permalink. To capture a comment and its parents, use the permalink of the last comment to be included in the image.

Enter the permalink on

Permalinks are the "true" link of a post or comment. They follow the form of, the capitalized parts are different for each permalink.

  1. Get the permalink of the post or comment.
    • New reddit:

      Right click on the time of the post or comment. Click on Copy link address. This applies for both posts and comments.

    • Old reddit:

      For posts on old reddit, the permalink is the same as the link to the full comment thread. As stated, this link would generate an image with no comments.

      Right click on permalink at the bottom of the post or comment. Click on Copy link address.

  2. Now, navigate over to, and paste in the link.
  3. That's it! Here is the generated image.
Using /u/shareddit-bot

Using shareddit-bot is perfect for when there might be multiple redditors who would like to share the image. Mobile users may also find it easier to use. When using shareddit-bot (or any reddit bot), avoid using spamming subreddits or comment sections with summons. However, if you like shareddit, it also helps spread the word and gain users. :)

  1. Navigate to the desired post or comment.
  2. Reply /u/shareddit-bot to the post, or the last comment to be included in the image. After a few moments, the bot will reply with a link to the image page.
Adding "sha" to the beginning of the reddit permalink

shareddit's image generation uses the same link structure as reddit. Add "sha" to the URL, turning it into The image will start generating and be displayed shortly.


shareddit is very new. You may encounter bugs or issues. If you do, please send me a PM at /u/C1RRU5.

Currently, image and self posts work best. Using posts that link to articles or videos will generate an image with only the post title, no website or video thumbnail. Both videos and external thumbnails will be supported very soon.